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Max Steel Reboot Harpy Eagle's DNA Sample
The Harpy Eagle's DNA Sample is a DNA from the Package of Animals' DNA Samples, which was revealed by Extroyer. This DNA sample was going to be used by Extroyer to defeat Max Steel, but then he refused to not. This DNA sample appeared in Driven.


When Vin and Dwayne stole a Package of Animals' DNA Samples, Extroyer uses it to defeat Max Steel. Then after he turned back to his normal form, he later wants to turn himself into another animal to defeat Max Steel.


In this episode, Extroyer's Henchmen, Vin and Dwayne, stole a package for Extroyer. Then it was a package with animals' DNA samples. Then after he turns into his normal form, he wants to defeat Max Steel. He looks in the package, and wants to use the Harpy eagle's DNA sample, but he refuses to not.


  • This DNA sample was going to be used by Extroyer, but then he refused to not.
  • If Extroyer used this DNA sample, then it was going to be the first time Extroyer Extroys into a bird.

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