Green Toxin Goopanoids
Gender Male
Alias Goop Monsters
Goop Soldiers
Goop Squad
Toxzoid (Only on toy packages)
Species Toxic Creatures
Status TBA
Occupation Villain
Homeworld TBA
Interests TBA
Weapons TBA
Family TBA
Allies Toxzon
Enemies Max Steel
Commander Forge Ferrus
Roberto 'Berto' Martinez
Katherine 'Kat' Ryan
Jefferson Smith
Background Information
First Appearance TBA
Last Appearance TBA
Voiced By TBA

Green Toxin Goopaniods are Goopaniods, which are made out of Toxzon's Green ToxinToxzon made these creatures in his return. These Goopaniods in their first appearance, wanted to steal the Tox-Bomb from the Chemi-Volt, but they couldn't because they are made out of toxins and they will be destroyed. So then one of them used C.Y.T.R.O to steal the Tox-Bomb. These creatures are dangerous, and also stupid. The Green Toxin Goopaniods' first appearance was in C.Y.T.R.O Attacks!.


Ever since Tytus Octavius Xander mutated into Toxzon, Toxzon had the ability to turn a toxin that he spills, to turn it into a toxic creature. So then, he releases the toxin and then turns into a Goopaniod.


  • They also appear in Turbo Reload, in Level 1,2, and 3.
  • They also appear in Something Wicked.
  • These Goopaniods are the first Goopaniods to have appeared in the series.

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