Max Steel Reboot Opening
Go, Go, Go Turbo! is the opening of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). It is also shown in YouTube as a Bonus Clip. It starts with Maxwell McGrath explaining a little bit about his life and about Steel. Also about is Turbo Modes, which later shows some of them, like Turbo Strength Mode, Turbo Flight Mode, and Turbo Scuba Dive Mode. Also about them fighting villains, and then Miles Dredd, Max Steel's archenemy, and a troop of Dredd Naughts in THI (Trans Human Industries). Then Max and Steel appears and then he throws Steel as a boomerang to Dredd and his troop, and then explodes. Then ends when Max and Steel gets ultralinked and then the logo, 'Max Steel', appears.


(Steel's face appears and then moves to Maxwell McGrath's face)

Maxwell McGrath: Let's.... GO TURBO!

(Then Max and Steel gets ultralinked to turn into Max Steel)

Maxwell McGrath: I'm Max McGrath.

(It shows images, two of Max, one of Sydney, and one of Kirby, but then it moves on to Max walking to school, and Steel behind Max, and they're talking for a while)

Maxwell McGrath: Here's my buddy Steel.

(Then Max gets surprised and then hides Steel in his backpack because Kirby and Syndney appears. Then it moves on to when Max and Steel gets ultralinked again)

Maxwell McGrath: Yeah, he's an alien. I generate the power...

(Then it moves on to an images where Max Steel punches the screen and then Max and Steel in the canyons and then they test movements)

Maxwell McGrath: ... Steel has the alien tech to control it.

(Then it moves on to when Max Steel was turned around in a circle, when he falls, and then when Max and Steel bumps knuckles)

Maxwell McGrath: (While that, there are images of Turbo modes) Together, we combine into awesome Turbo modes! (Then while he talks some more, three images appears, one of Miles Dredd, one of Fire Elementor, and one of Toxzon) Take on the bad guys, save the world. (Then it moves on to an image on where Miles Dredd and a troop of Dredd Naughts appears in THI and then Max and Steel appears and throws Steel as a boomerang to them and then explode) You know, hero stuff.  We are..... (Then Steel appears dizzy and then gets ultralinked with Max and then the logo appears) MAX STEEL!

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