Season 2, Episode 23
Vital Statistics
Air Date November 23, 2014
Written By Rich Fogel
Directed By Robin Shea
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A Germ of an Idea The Great Turbo Star Caper

Fugitives is the 23rd episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). It was aired on Novmber 23, 2014, in Australia.


When the Black Star Council learn of Ven-Ghan's treachery, they send bounty hunter Ragnok to capture him and Steel.


Ragnok, a wild west themed bounty hunter, is sent to earth by the Black Star Council to capture Ven-Ghan and Steel, and goes to a restaurant in the middle of the desert. There he meets Vin and Dwayne and destroys the joint before going on a rampage to lure out Steel and Ven-Ghan. Max, Steel, and Ven-Ghan fight him, but he overpowers the trio, capturing both his mission objectives. Ven-Ghan and steel manage to crash Ragnok's ship, and escape on a motorcycle inside the ship. Meanwhile, Max takes the Turbo Jet, with C.Y.T.R.O tagging along to rescue his friends. Ragnok pursues the escaping duo, and traps them in a mine, but Ven-Ghan escapes. Steel eventually claws his way out, and links with Max, and Ven-Ghan shows up in his ship. Ven-Ghan and Ragnok square off in a battle, and Ven-Ghan eventually defeats him, though Ragnok escapes and tells the Black Star Council that he will capture Ven-Ghan no matter what.


Andrew Francis as Maxwell McGrath

Sam Vincent as Steel and Roberto 'Berto' Martinez

Brian Drummond as Ragnok

Michael Dobson as Vin

Brian Dobson as Dwayne

Featured Characters

Maxwell McGrath




Roberto 'Berto' Martinez




Axel makes a cameo appearance as a bartender at the restaurant.

Ragnok makes his debut in this episode.

In the mine, Ven-Ghan didn't teleport Steel and him out, which is strange, considering that he could use his teleportation in the mine later in the episode.

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