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Extroyer Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rextroyer is one of the most powerful transformations of Extroyer. When Extroyer firstly used this transformation, he almost defeated Max Steel permanently, since it used brute strength and advantage of its size in battles. It first appeared in Thanks, I Think.


Extroyer, alongside with his henchmen, stole the Amber Stone from the Copper Canyon History Museum, and later took it to his secret hideout. There, he Extroyed the blood that the mosquito sucked, creating his new mode.


  • Superhuman Strength: This transformation makes Extroyer very strong, able to defeat almost all of Max's modes.
  • Superhuman Durability: He is shown to be very durable in battles, as seen in Thanks, I Think, when he was hit by Max Steel's Turbo Cannon Mode and returned to fight without much damage.
  • Superhuman Speed: He is faster than Max Steel's Turbo Speed Mode.
  • Skeleton Launch: Extroyer is able to expel a part of his skeleton, specifically, the skull, that later crushes everything that touches the mouth.


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The Gallery of Extroyer Tyrannosaurus Rex can be seen Here.


  • It is one of most powerful modes of Extroyer. None of Max Steel's modes were able to defeat him (though that some of his modes knocked down him temporarily), only through a gas-bomb that left Extroyer unconscious.
  • There is a toy released based on this transformation, named T-Rextroyer, which is also a reference to the old series, since it has the same name of the 2008 counterpart.
  • Extroyer seems to have lack of vision in this mode, since he confused Kirby Kowalski's Max Steel costume.
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