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Extroyer is an evil mutant that is half human and half Ultralink, who can turn into animals and said beats. He is a villain of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series).

Extroyer can also mean other things. Like these:


  • Extroyer: A mutant, half human and half Ultralink, who can turn into animals and said beasts.


  • Extroyer's Ultralink: This is the Ultralink that Extroyer has on his chest. The Ultralink is damaged and makes Extroyer turn into animals.
  • Extroyer's Device: This was a device that Extroyer uses so that Steel could be his second Ultralink, and so that he could more powerful than ever.




  • Extroyer Main Mode: This is the mode in which Extroyer is in ever since he was turned into a mutant.
  • Extroyer Mutant: Extroyer turns into a deformed creature when he was trying to turn into one, but was extroying all the DNA samples.


  • Extroying: This is a verb that was created by Steel, which describes what Extroyer dies when mrophing into an animal.





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