Explosion Terrorax
Explosion Terrorax is an action figure based on the character with same name. It was released in the first half of 2017 and is a part of both Turbo Charged and Connect-Tek.


  • Explosion Terrorax VS Turbo Armor Max Steel: Terrorax is ready to strike, but if Max hits his sword in the right place, Terrorax will explode!


Terrorax's design resembles his animation counterpart. He has two horns protuding from both sides of his head, two smaller horns on his forehead, white eyes, a small triangle on the center of his forehead, and a large smile showing his pointy teeths. His chest features a large purple drill. His shoulders, forearms, thighs and calf have many crowded spikes. He also has four toes. Terrorax has seven points of articulation and comes with four accessories.

Terrorax comes with a purple transparent axe that he can hold with both hands, a purple drill and two spikes that can atttach to his chest. Besides, his body also features Connect-Tek ports.


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