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Evil Ultralinks are Ultralinks under control of Makino. When they enter in contact with something, they turn it into a mutant, or monster. They are mainly seen in the Invasion of Ultralinks, where they seek hosts to bond with, to create a monster, and later destroy for the glory of Makino. Like other Ultralinks, they come from an sphere, and are contained into Makino Ships, generally driven by Megalinks. They first appeared in Earth Under Siege Part Two.


When Makino took the control of his creator, he started to create more Ultralinks to expand his empire. Most of those Ultralinks had evil intentions, like their creator.

Over years, the Evil Ultralinks were considered a iminent threat to all alien races in the galaxies, mainly because of Makino, responsible of destroying many planets and ruining many lifes of many aliens with his deadly army of Ultralinks. This also resulted in the creation of the Black Star Council (and presumably others), a organization constituted by aliens that survived from Makino's attacks and other bounty hunters whose main goal consisted in destroying the Evil Ultralinks. During an invasion on the Planet Tachyon, an Ultralink named Steel betrayed his species when he saved the life of an alien known as Ja'em Mk'rah, which later would be Max's father. Together, Jim and Steel were unstoppable: they stopped many invasions of Makino's Ultralinks on Earth and also on other planets to the point of being considered the greatest heroes of the galaxy. And with this, tables have turned: Steel became a iminent threat to his whole species by defending mainly Earth and other planets, which interfered on Makino's mission of absorb and expand.

After Jim's interference on Makino's first invasion on Earth, many Evil Ultralinks escaped, like a group of three Ultralinks that would later become The Elementors and Extroyer's Ultralink, a nameless Ultralink that was in the first invasion, even though that he didn't linked with any host and was damaged on the showdown, later being incrusted on Troy's chest. During the period of 16 years, it is unknown if these Ultralinks were active or not.

After 16 years since Makino's attacks, the Evil Ultralinks slowly started to reapper and became more active after Steel and Max started to fight against evil threats. Makino sents its second fleet of Evil Ultralinks on Earth, which was a real challenge to Maxwell and Steel, even though that they managed to stop the invasion with N-Tek's help. After Makino's forces suffered a setback, he decided to not attack Earth during some months, which Max and Steel used to train to upgrade their skills and powers. Later on, Makino sends four Evil Ultralinks to Miles Dread that later bonded with objects and were known as Blast Link, Chomp Link, Prism Link and N-Tek Link, the last captured by Ven Ghan, one of the Ultralink Hunters.

Makino later starts a real fight against N-Tek with his Evil Ultralinks in an attempt of destroying N-Tek and Steel once for all to finally annihilate Earth. After Makino's Evil Ultralinks failed miserably, he decided to fight against Max Steel by himself while his forces would destroy N-Tek and later would open a wormhole big enough to Makino's Alphalink penetrate and absorb Earth, but he failed due to Max's newest Turbo Mode. Later on, after discovering about Dread's betrayal, Makino goes on a rampage and ultimately decides to go to Earth with his full fleet of evil Ultralinks and Megalinks. In his Makino's last attempt of destroying Earth, he launched a massive wave of evil Ultralinks that caused many havoc in Copper Canyon and many places on the world. While Makino was being almost defeated by his Max, Jim and Steel, he somehow managed to inform to all his Ultralinks to go to the Alphalink, which was later destroyed by inside with Jim McGrath, Steel and Max's T.U.R.B.O. Energy. It is still unknown if the Ultralinks were capable of reaching the Alphalink before its destruction or they hid themselves.

Shortly after the Alphalink's destruction and Makino's return, a group of three evil Ultralinks were seen in the competiton proposed by Makino, but since they weren't linked with a host, they were relatively weak compared to the other competitors and therefore were mercilessly destroyed.


The Evil Ultralinks are usually shown to be very quiet, though that some of them are able to talk like Steel (which they refuse to interact with him due to his betrayal). They have an endless thirst for destruction, even more when they are bonded with something or someone, showing no mercy for other living beings in their way. As seen in Turbolt the Terrible, some of them are very competitive towards others, even able to hurt other of their species. They blindly follow Makino's orders, also possessing the same intentions as him: to absorb and expand.

Races of Evil Ultralinks

The Evil Ultralinks are divided into races, each having an specific attribute that define them (colors, and signature characteristcs).

Drone Ultralink

They aren't smart, but they have different skills to trick the opponent.

  • Green Drone Ultralink: These guys aren't too smart - capturing them is like shooting fish in a barrel!
  • Yellow Drone Ultralink: These guys aren't too smart - but are a bit more clever than the green drones.
  • Orange Drone Ultralin: These guys aren't too smart - but are a bit faster than some other color drones.
  • Red Drone Ultralink: These guys aren't too smart - but watch out, they may go invisible at times.

Stealth Ultralink

These Ultralinks are smarter than the Drone Ultralink. They use stealth as their main weapon and can disappear and appear.

  • Red Stealth Ultralink: These Ultralinks are sneaky - keep your eyes peeled!
  • Orange Stealth Ultralink: These Ultralinks are sneaky and fast - keep your eyes peeled!
  • Purple Stealth Ultralink: These Ultralinks are sneaky - and they may attack you!
  • Yellow Stealth Ultralink: Sneaky, fast and harder to capture - watch out for their attack!

Stinger Ultralink

They have abilities that can surprise their opponents and enemies, being fast, and agressive in battles.

  • Purple Stinger Ultralink: These UltraLinks are aggressive and fast - watch the skies or you'll be surprised!
  • Yellow Stinger Ultralink: Aggressive, fast, and sometimes invisible - they fight to escape your Turbo Lash!
  • Red Stinger Ultralink: The most tricky of Stinger Ultralinks, they stay invisible and move fast!

Fighter Ultralink

They are the footsoldiers of the invasion, since they are almost everywhere when an invasion occurs.

  • Blue Fighter Ultralink: Fighters are the footsoldiers of the invasion - they're everywhere!
  • Purple Fighter Ultralink: These footsoldiers of the invasion will attack at will!
  • Red Fighter Ultralink: The Red Fighter is the fastest Ultralink of all!

Ultralink Raider

These Ultralinks are not important in the invasion, but they can be very dangerous and are in the mood to fight.

  • Purple Ultralink Raider: Thank goodness these Ultralinks are rare - they're almost in the mood to fight!

Makino Elite Ultralink

They are one of rarest species seen in the Ultralink Invasion, althogh that they have other purposes in Makino's empire, for example, being the security monitor.

  • Blue Makino Elite Ultralink: These wily Ultralinks are like royalty - capturing one is a big deal!
  • Orange Makino Elite Ultralink: Are solely seen in the series, not in the Ultralink Invasion app.

Unknown Races

These are Ultralinks that were seen in the series, although that they weren't named by the Ultralink Invasion or by any official source.


The Evil Ultralinks basically have the same abilities when compared to regular Ultralinks. However, when they link with something, instead of cooperate with the host, they mutate and take the control of it, transforming it into a monster or mutant, which is also the same case of Sydney Link, Butch Link, Kirby Link, and Forge Link. When they link with the host, they add parts of armor (which is respectively, the color of the Ultralink), and attach weapons, while the Ultralinks is fixed in the head. The host also gains some veins, which is the respective colour of the Ultralink.

However, if someone remember something about the host's past or an remarkable moment, the being will instantly remember, and will be able to shortly break the control of the Evil Ultralink. When the an Evil Ultralink is unlinked of its host, the memories of what the being saw, slowly fades away, as Maxwell McGrath said when he was under Makino's control.


Blue Evil Ultralinks
The Gallery of Evil Ultralinks can be seen Here.


  • An Drone Ultralink appears in the Official Website as an badge.
  • They are the main villains of Season 2. The season's title is "The Invasion of Ultralinks".
  • It is possible that the Evil Ultralinks share a hive mind controlled by Makino which makes them evil without choice.
  • Most of the Evil Ultralinks linked with an object possesses a head similar to the classic Elementor. Besides, they also possesses some spikes on their back, similar to some transformations of Elementor as well the new Metal Elementor.
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