Energy Regulator
The Energy Regulator is a item that is used for Ultralinks and also from the Ultralink Parts Vault. This item can be only find in THI, but then it was taken to N-Tek. This item looks like a blue orb. Extroyer was seeking for this thing, so that he can fix his damaged Ultralink, so that he cannot be normal and fixed, since his Ultralink was damaged when Steel tapped on it and Steel's T.U.R.B.O Energy made it not work, and Extroyer wanted to turn into Extroyer Gorilla, since he was Extroying into a gorilla, but Steel made it impossible for Extroyer to Extroy into that mode. This was bought to Extroyer by Max Steel, since he ordered to him that if he comes with someone else, then he will kill Molly McGrath. The Energy Regulator's first appearance was in Scrambled.


  • The Energy Regulator was used to fixed Extroyer Ultralink.
  • This was in the Ultralink Parts Vault, which was emptied in Scrambled.

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