Gender Male
Species Makinian (Ultralink, Megalink)
Status TBA
Occupation Henchmen of Miles Dredd (formally)
Henchmens of Makino (Formally)
Homeworld TBA
Interests TBA
Weapons The forces of nature
Family Each other (brothers)
Makino (creator)
Allies Each other
Makino (formally)
Miles Dredd(formally/temporally)
Max Steel (Temporally)
Extroyer Temporally
Toxzon (Temporally)
Enemies Each other
Max Steel
Extroyer (Temporally)
Miles Dredd
Toxzon (Temporally)
Morphos (Temporally)
Background Information
First Appearance Come Together Part One
Last Appearance Team Turbo
Voiced By Andrew Francis (Fire and Air)
Brian Drummond (Water and Earth)
Trevor Devall (Metal)
Elementors are Ultralinks/Megalinks that have fused themselves with the elements of nature. The main group of Elementors seen in the series consist of four Ultralinks that each linked with the elements of fire, water, earth and air respectively and the Megalink Metallak who linked with the element of metal. Fire and Air are voiced by Andrew Francis, Earth and Water are voiced by Brian Drummond, and Metal Elementor is voiced by Trevor Devall.


Elementors are very large and possess very monstrous features. They have very bulky and muscular body shapes and stand in an upright or hunched over posture. They have large, muscular arms that end with three to five claws on their hands and double-jointed legs that end with two to three claws on their feet. Elementors have sharp teeth in their jaws and most possess an underbite. Their Ultralink/Megalink cores are located in the centre of their heads or foreheads. Some Elementors also have eyes. Elementors also have unique features depending on what element they have linked with.

Types of Elementors

So far, there are five types of Elementors existing in the show. They consist of fire, earth, water, air and metal. The following list is organised by order of appearance.

Regular Elementors

Fire Elementor

FireElementor1 profileImage tcm422-50496
Fire Elementor is an Ultralink who linked with the element of fire and is one of the main Elementors seen in the series. Fire Elementor is hotheaded and impulsive and is as ferocious as the element he wields. As his name would suggest, Fire Elementor wields the element of fire and can start flames or launch balls of fire at will and can also move around as an abundance of fire. He debuted in Come Together: Part 1.

Earth Elementors

Earth Elementors are Ultralinks that have linked with the element of earth. The main Earth Elementor seen in the series isn’t very smart, but what he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in brute strength. He uses his control over earth to hurl boulders at enemies or travel underground with ease. He first appeared in Come Together (Part 2).
EarthElementor1 profileImage tcm422-50493

Water Elementor

Character profileImage water2 tcm422-106707
Water Elementor is an Ultralink that had linked with the element of water and is one of the main Elementors seen in the series. Water Elementor is one of the most intelligent of the Elementors and uses his cunning to his advantage. His control over water is powerful as he can generate torrents of water or manipulate tidal waves. He made his first appearance in Hard Water.

Air Elementor

Character profileImage air1-2- tcm422-106698
Air Elementor is an Ultralink that fused with the element of air. He is extremely powerful and intelligent and was once the leader of his fellow Elementors (until he was usurped by Metal Elementor). His power over the air allows him to move around as a tornado and to generate strong gusts of wind and even manipulate the composition of himself or the air around him. He debuted in Elements of Surprise (Part 1).

Metal Elementor

Character profileImage metal1 tcm422-132106
Unlike the other Elementors, Metal Elementor is a Megalink once known as Metalak. He fused with a metal statue to become the most powerful of the Elementors. Metal Elementor was the supreme commander of his master Makino’s forces and was extremely loyal to him. Metal Elementor is ruthless and is a master strategist. He uses his powers to control metal and to manipulate the structure of his body in order to turn into a liquid state or shift his hands into different weapons. He first appeared in Full Metal Racket.

Fused Elementors

Over the course of the series, The Elementors have been seen to be able to combine together into many different forms. The following list is organised by order of appearance.

Ultimate Elementor

UltimateElementor1 profileImage tcm422-50518
Ultimate Elementor is the fusion of Fire, Water, Earth and Air Elementors. They formed into a massive monster with all of the individual Elementors’ powers and characteristics combined. Ultimate Elementor possesses all the powers of nature and can combine the elements into new powers and abilities such as manipulating the weather, generating lightning or launching blasts of ice or mud. Ultimate Elementor debuted in Elements of Surprise (Part 1).

Mega Elementor

Mega Elementor is the fusion of all of the Elementors, including Metal Elementor. This fusion had formed when Metal Elementor had absorbed Ultimate Elementor into his body. This combined form is similar to Ultimate Elementor in many ways, but also has the added powers and characteristics acquired from Metal Elementor. Being a Megalink, Metal Elementor uses his superiority to take full control over the combined body. Like the previous form, Mega Elementor can control all the forces of nature. This fusion made its first appearance in The Ultralink Hunter.

Water and Fire Elementor

FusedElementors (1)
This is the fusion of Water Elementor and Fire Elementor. This combined form has the powers and characteristics from both Fire and Water Elementor and is able to control both water and fire simultaneously or fuse them together to control steam. This fusion debuted in The Wrath of Makino.

Earth and Air Elementor

FusedElementors (2)
This is the fusion of Earth Elementor and Air Elementor. This combined form has the powers and characteristics from both Earth and Air Elementor. This fusion debuted in The Wrath of Makino.

Unknown Elementors

The following list focuses in the Elementors that appeared didn't appeared in the show, but only in the toy line, or something similiar.

Gold Elementor

He is the upgraded version of Metal Elementor. He have the same characteristics of Metal Elementor, with the exception of the golden tone added to his body. He preserves the same abilities of his previous form, and has a new one, wherin he shoots molten discs through a cavity in his chest.

Lava Elementor

He is an unknown Elementor. He presumably have similiar abilities when compared to Fire Elementor, although that they are enhanced.


The Elementors' powers basically consists in controlling the elements of nature, although that they have also super strength, speed, and durability. Through devices, they are able to fuse themselves to create a powerful and giant moster know as Ultimate Elementor, by annexing process, Ultimate Elementor can be annexed with Metal Elementor, and as seen in Max Steel: The Wrath of Makino, they can also fuse themselves without any type of device.

However, The Elementors have one weak spot: the core localized in their heads, that if something hits it, the Elementor will suffer damage, getting distracted temporarily. Like other Ultralinks, they can be also unliked of their links-slaves without much effort by the weapons of the Ultralink Hunters.


The first three Elementors came on the first invasion of Ultralinks in Earth, while Water Elementor came through a starship, during an undetermined time. Later, Makino sent one of his commanders to destroy Max Steel, which was Metallak. The Megalink linked with a statue made of metal in Mexico and created the fifth Elementor know as Metal Elementor.


  • As revealed by Ultimate Elementor in The Truth Hurts, they are very angry and they didn't wanted to work by Miles Dredd anymore, only by themselves.
  • As well as in the original series, the weak spot of The Elementors are localized in their heads, like the old Elementor, where the isotopes were stored.
  • They constantly says that humans are "Human Slugs".
  • It is unknown if there are any other fire, water, air or metal Elementors. However, it is a possibility as there have been multiple Earth Elementors seen throughout the series.
  • It is unknown if there are any other Megalink Elementors.

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