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Dr. Prometheus Halifax

Terrorax as a human
Prometheus Halifax

Terrorax's mutant form
Halifax as Terrorax

Gender Male
Alias Prometheus Halifax
Brother Terrorax
Species Human (formerly)
Techno-organic being
Status Alive
Occupation Leader of Team Terror
Age Adult
Homeworld Earth
Interests Taking over the world
Weapons Terror Energy
Family Unknown
Allies Lord Nexus
Night Howl
Nexus Agents
Enemies Max Steel
Team Turbo
Alejandro Villar
Rayne Martinez
Background Information
First Appearance Max Steel: Turbo-Charged
Last Appearance Max Steel: Turbo Warriors
Voiced By Mark Oliver
Dr. Prometheus Halifax, known as Terrorax on the Nexus legion, is a highly influent and active member of Nexus and the founder of Halifax Industries. He debuted in Turbo-Charged and is voiced by Mark Oliver.


Early Life

Dr. Prometheus Halifax is the enigmatic founder of the Halifax Industries. He presents himself to the world as a billionaire, but he is secretly a member of the Nexus organization under the name of Terrorax. He apparently was leading a project involving Maxwell McGrath's T.U.R.B.O. Energy to exploit its maximum potential, which eventually led to the creation of the Terror Energy. Alongside with Nexus, Prometheus wants to establish a new world order.

Animated Films

Turbo Charged

Terrorax sets a trap for Max's Team Turbo in an abandoned warehouse. After the the group was successfully defeated, Prometheus and few other Nexus Agents captures Max and forces him to generate large quantities of T.U.R.B.O. Energy. In the process, Prometheus mentions "the boundless possibilities" of the generation of his energy and the alien legacy that was lost over the years. Eventually, he obtains a portion of the energy and mentions that he could now synthesize their own "Terror Energy". When the villain commands the agents to electrocute Max's friends when he was about to overload and explode, the hero gets angry to the point of unlocking a new green version of his T.U.R.B.O. Energy. Max then explodes and his body is later discarded in a desert, where he is left to perish.

Prometheus later appears having a reunion with his agents in the Halifax building. Max and Alex invade the room using their Turbo Stealth Mode, even though that Prometheus states that he already knew that Max's team was in the building since his organization have been studying Max's energy signals for years. After listening to the villain's voice, he asks who Prometheus was, and the villain activates his armor and put on his mask, which suprises Max. Terrorax then uses connect few hoses containing Terror Energy to his techno suit, which turns him into a monster. Upon his ascension, the Nexus agents starts gloryfing his energy and the villain walks towards Max and La Fiera and at the same time says that Max defines limits and lines to his powers, lines that he would not cross, but that Terror Energy and him could.

Turbo Warriors


  • Superhuman Strength: Terrorax has access to Terror Energy, which makes him stronger and more agile than an average individual.
  • Superhuman Durability: His body is extremely durable and can endure physical pain for long periods. An example of this was when Max threw a truck containing combustible on Terrorax and it exploded, despite he survived without any damage.


  • Terror Energy: After becoming a mutant, Prometheus gained the ability of generating large quantities of Terror Energy. It makes him stronger and more agile than an average individual. The energy is shown to be highly destructive and corrosive towards Max's green T.U.R.B.O. Energy, as it almost destroyed Max in few minutes.
  • Axe: Terrorax can create a large and durable axe made out of Terror Energy that he constantly uses in the battles. The weapon was also used to charge his minions with his evil energy.


  • Green T.U.R.B.O. Energy Vulnerability: Max's green T.U.R.B.O. Energy is extremely harmful to Terrorax in large quantities. This was proven in the end of Turbo-Charged, when Terrorax's body was left deformed after the battle against Max's Turbo Armor Mode.


Prometheus's alter ego, Terrorax, comes from the word terror, which is a extreme fear. The termination comes from his real name (Halifax).


As a human, Terrorax has a white spiky hair, brown eyes and usually appears wearing a black suit. He wears a mask with horns, a large simile, a triangle in the forehead and a black, purple and silver outfit.

As a mutant, he gains a large and muscular build. He has three horns protuding from his head, yellow eyes with black pupils surrounded by black circles and spiky teeths. He has three purple stones protuding from his shoulders and few spikes on his forearm surrounding a purple stone. He has large hands with four fingers rather than five. He has few spikes on his thighs, a purple hexagon on his knee and three toes. He also appears carrying a large axe made out of Terror Energy.


Prometheus is a mysterious, calm, cunning and elegant person who strictly follows the orders of Nexus. He enjoys to highlight the advances that he has made to achieve the vision of the Nexus legion. As a mutant, he retains his conscience and ideals, still being loyal to Nexus and his allies. He also shows to be extremely energetic when fighting against Max's team and constantly talks about how powerful, marvelous and grandiose his Terror Energy is.


Lord Nexus

Maxwell McGrath

Team Terror


  • "You don't seem to grasp the boundless possibilities of the T.U.R.B.O. Energy generating, Maxwell. But I do." -Turbo Charged
  • "I see your T.U.R.B.O. Energy has changed, Maxwell ... See it? I can smell it. Taste it! More potent than the blue variety, hm? Still, you've never adapted its full potential. And you never will, because you are weak! You set limits, rules, lines you won't cross! But I ... I have no such limits, and Terror Energy has only made me only stronger!" - Turbo-Charged


Lord Nexus

Maxwell McGrath

Terrorax and Max share a deep mutual hate for completely different reasons. Prior to their interactions, Terrorax made an extensive research involving Maxwell and his T.U.R.B.O. Energy, and because of that, he knows his secret indentity and used this to intimidate him. He also states that Max doesn't realizes all the potential that his energy has to offer.

Terrorax shows to have a deep hatred towards Max, as he stopped him from changing the world with his Terror Energy. Max, however, hates him due to the fact that he stole his energy and transformed it into a mass destruction weapon. By the end of Turbo-Charged, Terrorax stated that he shall return and will destroy Max by any means.


Terrorax's Human form
The Gallery of Dr. Prometheus Halifax can be seen Here.


  • Terrorax could be the rebooted version of Psycho, Max's arch-nemesis in the old series. This is due to the fact that he has many similiarities with him, such as:
    • Terrorax has a similar facial structure compared to Psycho's human mask. The demon-like mask that Terrorax uses is also similar to Psycho's metal face. The armor that he uses in the toy line also shows more similiarities with Psycho, mainly his face.
    • The villain was responsible of making Max generate his new green T.U.R.B.O. Energy, while Psycho was responsible of giving the powers to Josh (Max's secret identity in the old series).
      • Besides his design being inspired by Psycho, he has similiarities with Extroyer.
    • Terrorax is very loyal to Nexus while Psycho was loyal to John Dread.
  • Terrorax's appearence resembles Crota from Destiny franchise.
  • Besides being voiced by Mark Oliver, Terrorax shows few similiarities with Dread, such as:
    • Both are owners of famous companies. Dread is the owner of THI while Terrorax is the owner of Halifax Industries, which is named after his real identity.
    • Both characters are billionaires.
    • Both wanted Max's T.U.R.B.O. Energy, but for different purposes. They can also convert the same power into a negative and obscure energy.
  • All of Terrorax's modes features purple, which is the opposite of green, the color of Max's new energy.
  • He is the first villain to known about Max's secret identity. He also confirmed that knows about the alien origins of Max's T.U.R.B.O. Energy.
  • Terrorax is right-handed.
  • In the layout of Turbo-Charged (scene setup and staging, character blocking, etc), Terrorax's model is always shown smiling rather than showing any expression.
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