The Cyclo-Spin Bike is a new vehicle introduced in Turbo-Charged. It is a part of Steel-Tek.


Animated Films


While Max was mastering his new green T.U.R.B.O. Energy, Steel created new gear to Team Turbo use in battles, including the Cyclo-Spin bike, which Max really loved upon Steel revealed it to him.

Max uses the vehicle to go to the building of the Halifax Industries.

Later on, Max uses the Cyclo-Spin bike to search for Nexus' transmitters, but he instead is forced to fight against Night Howl, one of Terrorax's terrible twisted minions. The villain pounces and tosses Max out from the bike. Eventually, he is defeated and Max uses the vehicle to reunite with his team.



The Cyclo-Spin motorcycle is a vehicle featuring two battle modes. The first, where Max props the motorcycle on its hind wheel and the front wheel flaps to reveal the "spin attack" mode. The motorcycle also has a pair of missile launchers on the front wheels.

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