Cole Plante-1-
Max Steel Reboot Cole Plante
Cole Plante is a 16- years- old teenager from high school, who is a D.J. Cole was the character who was leading that musical concert, near Copper Canyon Water Dam. He is from Los Angeles, California. He is currently signed to Hollywood Records and has contributed music to many Disney movies and TV shows. Plante has gotten to play at many notable clubs including the Rain Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Avalon Nightclub in Hollywood. Cole has also gotten to play opening act for famous DJs like Paul Oakenfold and Avicii. He is currently preparing for his first EP, which is called Colektiv, which is to be released in September. He also performed at Lollapalooza 2013 alongside Skrillex and Steve Angello. He made an appearance as an animated version of himself in Elements of Surprise Part Two.

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