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Morphos Ahead!

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Morphos Ahead

How can you eat this stuff?

—Chomp Link, Proving Max's cafeteria food

Chomp Link

Character profileImage chomp tcm420-149625
Chomp Link's ultralinked form

Chomp Link's Ultralink
As a simple Stinger Ultralink

Gender Male
Alias Nature Boy
Species Ultralink
Status TBA
Occupation One of Makino's henchmen
Age Unknown
Homeworld Planet Makino
Interests Chomp Link is driven to complete the mission he has been programmed to fulfill: to conquer Earth and defeat Max Steel
Weapons Nature powers and regenerative abilities
Family TBA
Allies Blast Link
Prism Link
Mega Elementor
Evil Ultralinks
Enemies Max Steel
Miles Dread
N-Tek Agents
Jason Naught
Major Parker
Molly McGrath
Commander Forge Ferrus
Background Information
First Appearance Ultralink Invasion Part One
Last Appearance My Best Friend is an Ultralink
Voiced By Sam Vincent

Chomp Link was one of Max Steel's new enemies introduced in Season 2. He was an Evil Ultralink that bonded with a Venus fly-trap and a part from the small group of Ultralinks in charge of conquering and subjugating Earth alongside with Metal Elementor and Ultimate Elementor. Eventually, Chomp Link was thrown to the vacuum of space after Blast and Prism failed multiple times in the missions that Elementor sent them. Chomp Link debuted in Ultralink Invasion Part One and was voiced by Sam Vincent.


Four Ultralinks were sent by Makino from outside of the atmosphere disguised as a meteor shower (preventing N-Tek from discovering those Ultralinks and eventually capture them) to Miles Dread and Jason Naught. Dread provided the link slaves, and the Stinger Ultralink bonded with a Venus fly-trap and Chomp Link was born.

Season 2

Ultralink Invasion Part One

During the meteor shower, four Ultralinks were sent by Makino to Miles Dread, and after providing their link slaves, the stinger Ultralink linked with the Venus fly-trap, creating Chomp Link.

The trio went to Copper Canyon city and caused havoc and chaos. While Chomp Link destroying some buildings and was about to eat someone with his gigantic mouth, Max Steel suddenly came and attacking him, also rescuing the citizen in the process. Shortly after, Blast and Prism attacked him and Chomp grabbed Max with his elastic hands, throwing him in the wall. Afterwards, Max activates his Turbo Speed Mode and clone it with his Turbo Clone Mode, managing to temporarily take down Chomp and Prism, but not Blast. When C.Y.T.R.O. arrived and released the Turbo Lash, Max attacked Chomp and threw him away. Eventually, C.Y.T.R.O. managed to take Prism and Chomp down with his wrecking ball, which defeated them with only one hit.

After N-Tek's forces arrived, Dread released the fourth Ultralink which didn't managed to link with something, and then he was forced to escape with his Ultralinks, keeping in mind that his plan had worked.

Ultralink Invasion Part Two

Dredd Ascendant

Full Metal Racket

Animal Attraction

Turbo Deep Star Sea

The Ultralink Hunter

Hot Zone

The Legend of Ja'em Mk'rah

Makino Strikes

My Best Friend is an Ultralink


In his Ultralink form, he is a purple Stinger Ultralink. Stinger Ultralinks are distinguished by their round body, the salient shape on the head, spiky arms and mainly the large sting.

After he bonded with the Venus fly-trap, the Ultralink generated a large body made out of the same material as its link slave. Chomp Link possesses a large mouth and his Ultralink is located on the center of his forehead, where his eye should be. His body is green with pointy leaves and brown vines in the chest to the thighs. He has large hands made out of brown vines with four fingers each and also brown feets made out of the same vine, having three toes.

Chomp's design is also quite unique, since he was the only on the Ultralink trio that actually had a mouth, hands and fingers and toes.


  • Enhanced Strength: Chomp is very strong and highly agressive, as far on his Ultralink form as his linked form.
  • Enhanced Durability: Like other Ultralinks bonded with a object, Chomp is highly durable in battles.
  • Elasticity: Chomp's body is extremely elastic, as seen in battles against Max Steel, especially, his arms.
  • Vine Generation: Since Chomp is boned with a Venus fly-trap, he is able to generate vines or everything related to the earth environment. He can also create a large whip made out of vines. His hands are also shaped like a blade, which he can use to harm the opponent.
  • Regeneration: If Chomp's arm is cut or destroyed, he can simply generate another one or he can still control it and make a part of his body again.
  • Giant Mouth: Chomp's powers lies on his mouth and arms. He can release several weapons from it, such as:
    • Seeds: Chomp can release several brown seeds from his mouth that when touches the ground, a dome constituted by vines will emerge.
    • Goop Generation: He can release a green sticky goop from his mouth that can poison and confuse the adversary during some seconds. Only seen on Ultralinks Attack.
    • Toxic Bites: Chomp can inflict harm by biting someone with his toxic mouth. Only seen in the game Ultralinks Attack.


  • Energy Core: Like all Ultralinks, Chomp have a weak pint, which is the Ultralink on his forehead. If the Ultralink sphere is hit by someone or something, Chomp will instantly faint.
  • Vulnerabilty to Ultralink Hunter's Weapons: Since Chomp is an Ultralink, he is vulnerable to every weapon that the Ultralink Hunters can use to un-link them.
  • Low Intellingence: Chomp was notably the most laziest of the group, even though that he was very strong.



Max Steel Chomp Link(2)
The Gallery of Chomp Link can be seen Here.


  • Chomp Link was voiced by Sam Vincent, who voices various characters from the Max Steel series.
  • He is the second character to be called by "nature boy" by Max Steel, the first being Extoyer.
  • He gets scared when Metal Elementor gets nervous.
  • Chomp Link is a fan of the song that Max, Kirby, and Sydney played for a concert in Full Metal Racket. In the same episode, when Max was singing in the band, he confused him with Max Steel and also called the suit that he was wearing "a new Turbo Mode".
  • He isn't able to eat Max's cafeteria food as shown in Journey to the Center of Copper Canyon.
  • Chomp's arms and legs are notably disproportionate, which can explain why he isn't fast as his comrades.
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