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The Chemi-Vault is a place that is located in N-Tek, where they hide all the bad stuff, like poisons, venom, toxins, and other dangerous things. Some of them were made by mad mans, like the Tox-Bomb, a very dangerous bomb that can destroy the city with a Chernobyl-like result. The Chemi-Vault is a secret place, and it is secured. Also, there were two Goopaniods from Toxzon, that wanted to steal the Tox-Bomb from the Chemi-Vault, but they used C.Y.T.R.O to steal it for them and Toxzon. This place was seen again, once again in Gone Fishin' where Toxzon is arrested and preserved at. It also appeared in Pick Your Poison, in where Toxzon was contained neutralized. The Chemi-Vault's first appearance C.Y.T.R.O Attacks!.

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