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Battle Tank Makino is an action figure based on Makino in his main mode. It was released in 2014 in the second wave of action figures, and is a part of Aqua Invasion line.


Makino presents the same characteristics as seen in the series. His head is covered by a blue helmet, he has yellow eyes and a sphere on the center of his forehead. His armor is completely blue with yellow letters in his neck, arms and thighs and he has a large yellow sphere on his chest. He has a dark blue missile launcher in his right arm. Makino has nine points of articulation and comes with one accessory.

He comes with a grey cannon that needs to be assembled and a yellow missile. Makino has a button on his right shoulder, which after pressed, the two cannons will elevate at the same time.


  • Later on in 2014 there was a relaunch of this figure, this time as Jet Threat Makino. The figure had the same sculpture and similar gimmicks, but it came with a extendable wing.
  • Originally the name of this figure would be "Hidden Attack Makino" due to all the hidden weapons that Makino had on his left hand.
  • In the concept art of the figure, it is shown that Makino would have more gimmicks than the actual release of the figure. Makino would have three weapons (a gattling gun, a missile launcher and a tank turret) attached to his right arm, which, upon activation, would fire all at the same time, and a hand projectile on his left arm.

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