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Battle Ripped Max Vs Dread / Dredd or Turbo Power Max Vs Spike Whip Dread is an battle-pack with two characters, being them Max Steel (In Turbo Base Mode) and Miles Dredd (In Spike Mode). It was released in 2015 in the first wave of action figures, and is a part of Transform-Tek line.


The Max Steel figure is a relaunch of Blade Strike Max in the Transform-Tek line, but only the colours and head sculpture are different. The figure is able to transform: in the regular form, it has the black armor, when transformed, it changes to a blue armor with silver details.

The Miles Dredd figure is a relaunch of Spike Whip Dread of Transform-Tek line, only the colours are different. The figure is able to turn into the Spike mode: when a lever is pressed, Dredd's spikes will elevate, a whip can be revealed, and there is also a hidden spike on his head.


  • In Latin America, it was, so far, the cheapest battle-pack released, probably, because the figures were relaunch of old ones.

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