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The Animated Films are movies that take place after Season 2. They usually contain 44 minutes or more.


In 2015, after the Season 2 ended, Mattel didn't release any information about the Max Steel Franchise. Later on, the movie Max Steel: The Dawn of Morphos unexpectedly aired on Cartoon Network in Latin America, and later Mattel officially confirmed its content, revealing three new movies for Max Steel. The movies were only available on Latin America.

In 2016, before the movies were officially confirmed by Mattel, Sam Vincent confirmed on his Twitter that a few animated films were in the way. On the beginning of October, the content of Mattel for 2016 was released, and Max Steel: Team Turbo and Max Steel: Team Turbo Fusion-Tek were confirmed. The first movie (Team Turbo) was released in March 18 by Cartoon Network on Brazil and in the next day on other places of Latin America.

In the mid of October, it was confirmed that Max Steel would get two new specials, later revealed to be Turbo Charged and Turbo Warrors.[1] Both were revealed at MIPCOM alongside with Mattel's 2017 content.

List of Films


Image Basic Information
TheWrathofMakino Title Year Duration

The Wrath of Makino

2015 44 Minutes
Makino, the lord of the Ultralinks and devourer of worlds, was defeated by Max Steel. However, through a pre-recorded message, the Ultralinks are in a race for Makino's unit and inherit his power. Max and Steel enter the competition, though that later Steel discovers that everything has been a trap to get a new host to Makino, Max wins the competition, making resurface more powerful than ever with Makino. Without Max, the world's salvation depends on his friend Steel and his father Jim McGrath, with the support of N-Tek.
Image Basic Information
TheDawnofMorphos Title Year Duration

Dawn of Morphos

2015 44 Minutes
This time, Max Steel will have to face the mutant Morphos, an enemy able to mimic the powers of his opponent. The Morphos project was developed years ago by N-Tek as the last hope to confront Makino. Now Dread has brought to life the project using its own DNA, creating a monster that seeks the reason for its existence and destroy everything in its path. While everything seems to go wrong for Max and Steel in the way, they discover more about their power, and thanks to Max's father, the duo have an impressive strategy to defeat the villain.
Image Basic Information
MaximumMorphos Title Year Duration

Maximum Morphos

2015 44 Minutes

When Miles Dread tried to destroyed his own creation, Morphos, he suddenly returns, with only one goal: to get every abilities of Miles Dread's enemies ... Including Max Steel! Now, Max must team-up with the other villains, though that he keep in mind that once Morphos is defeated, they will try to defeat Max! Fortunately, Max has the most powerful mode yet, the Turbo Exo Strength Mode!


Note: Both films take place two years after the events of Maximum Morphos.
Image Basic Information
MaxSteelTeamTurbo Title Year Duration

Team Turbo

2016 44 Minutes
Max and Steel face their biggest mission yet when a new enemy named Professor Mortum arises. The villain wants to get the revolutionary Connect-Tek, and to do so, he allies with Max's most powerful enemies: Extroyer, Toxzon and the Elementors. With N-Tek out of the picture and Copper Canyon on havoc, Max and Steel decide they cannot save the day on their own, and Team Turbo is created. Consisting in five members, La Fiera, Tempestra, C.Y.T.R.O. and Max and Steel themselves, they must defeat Mortum's allies and save N-Tek before the Connect-Tek falls in the wrong hands.
Image Basic Information
Max Steel Team Turbo Fusion Tek Title Year Duration

Team Turbo Fusion-Tek

2016 66 Minutes
When Mortum escapes with the Connect-Tek, he mutates into a robot zombie with the intent of absorbing all the brainwaves of the humanity. Planning on conquering the whole Earth by infecting the humanity with his highly contagious techno-virus, he will become their ultimate overlord. When Mortum infects Max's new friends, Rayne, Alex and C.Y.T.R.O., with his virus, Max and Steel must stop the villain and their own friends before it is too late.


Image Basic Information
Title Year Duration

Turbo Charged

2017 44 Minutes

To prevent Lord Nexus' minion, Terrorax, from taking over the world alongside with his technologic super villain league, Max and his Team Turbo must control a completely new level of T.U.R.B.O. Energy never seen before. However, after Terrorax manages to create his own version of Max's energy named Terror Energy, his own team of twisted villains and plans on permanently deactivating technology from humanity, Max and his team must act swiftly to stop the villain.

Image Basic Information
Title Year Duration

Turbo Warriors

2017 44 Minutes
After its defeat, Nexus returns with his most powerful weapon, the Pantheon. Now, it is up to Max's team to stop the villain.


  • The ending theme of the films are a remixed version of the Season 2 opening.
  • The last film of the trilogy of 2015 (Maximum Morphos), had two figures based on it released, being them: Exo Strength Max and Mutant Morphos.
  • Ironically, the films released in 2015, were equivalent to a Season 3, since there were three movies.
  • Supposedly, a film named The Mantle of Makino was being produced during August of 2014, which would mark again the return of Makino. However, it is still unknown if the movie was cancelled, fake or was confused with The Wrath of Makino, or it was an idea for an episode that was scrapped.
  • In Europe, the channel Itv divided each movie into two episodes containing 22 minutes, which could be considered a Season 3.
  • Some parts of Team Turbo Fusion Tek were censored by some channels.


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