Prepare the Alphalink!

Makino, about to absorb a planet

Armada de Ultra-Links
The Alphalink is a powerful ship built by Makino to consume planets. The ship was previously powered by T.U.R.B.O. Energy, was handled by Megalinks and commanded by Makino. The Alphalink approximately has the same size as a planet. It debuted on Dredd Ascendant.


The Alphalink was created to easily absorb planets so Makino could reach his goal faster.

Later, on The Final Countdown Part Two, the ship was ultimately destroyed by Max, Steel and Jim by using a massive quantity of T.U.R.B.O. Energy which made the ship explode by inside, destroying every Ultralink and Megalink on it.


  • Planet Absorption: The main ability of the Alphalink consists in linking with a planet, and during the process, he consumes it. Firstly, Makino sends troops of Ultralinks to attack the planet, to later the Alphalink consume it. The Alphalink also already consumed a lot of planets on the galaxy, some of those being Tachyon and Kaduonn, even though that some of them resisted Makino's attacks, for example, Earth.


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    Originally, the Alphalink was going to be a similar ship to Makino Destroyers, as seen in the Season 2 trailer. However, the design of the ship was changed drastically after the release of Season 2, being more similar to a planet.
    • Coicidentally, after the redesign, the Alphalink shared a similar design to the Technodrome from TMNT 2012.

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