Adventure Max Steel 1
Reef Runner Max Steel is one of Max Steel's action figures released in the first half of 2017. He is a part of both Turbo Mission and Connect-Tek sublines.


  • Reef Runner Max Steel VS Javelin Bow Dread: Max Steel is ready. Not even Dread, with his transformable arc/bow can defeat him.


Max wears green glasses, a light blue armor with a green logo on the chest with the shape of the letter M and wears light green boots, green forearm pads and gloves. He is also carrying a dagger on his left hand. He has eleven points of articulation and does not come with any accessory.

He has Connect-Tek ports on his body, which allows him to connect weapons from other toys onto him.


  • His prototype features articulation on the waist.
  • His sculpture would be reused in a duo pack under the name of Max Steel VS Extroyer. However, said pack was never released for unknown reasons.


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