This page contains the figures released on 2013 to 2015.



Max Steel Vs Dredd Transforming Turbo Cycle Jet Blast Max Spider Claw Toxzon Boomerang Max
Key 0002 y1537 tcm292-81459 Key y1535 tcm292-81691 Key 0006 y1531 tcm292-81454 Key 0007 y1530 tcm292-81453 Key 0015 y1522 tcm292-81447
Rapid Fire Max Rapid Attack Toxzon Speed Storm Max Aqua Velocity Max Slash Blast Max
Key 0016 y1521 tcm292-81446 Key 0017 y1516 tcm292-81445 Toys Ver Thumb y1491 Turbo Runner Max tcm292-56874 Toys Ver Thumb y1492 Aqua Velocity Max tcm292-56875 Toys Ver Thumb y1496-Speed-Blast-Slash-Max tcm292-56880
Dual Force Max Xtreme Elevation Max Quick Strike Extroyer Turbo Flight Max Veloci-Fire Elementor
Toys Ver Thumb y1500 Turbo Tech Max tcm292-56884 Toys Ver Thumb y1501 Rapid Climber Max tcm292-56885 Toys Ver Thumb y1511 Quick Strike Etroyer tcm292-56889 Toys Ver Thumb y1525 Turbo Flight Max tcm292-56786 Toys Ver Thumb y1526 Velocifire Elementor tcm292-56785


Power Blaster Max Demolition Armor Max Shock Armor Max Energy Blaster Max Flame Fighter Max
Key 0018 y1515 tcm292-81444 Toys Ver Thumb y1493 Demolition Armor Max tcm292-56876 Toys Ver Thumb y1494 Shock Armor Max tcm292-56878 Toys Ver Thumb y1497 Energy Blaster MAx tcm292-56881 Toys Ver Thumb y1502 Inferno Fighter Max tcm292-56886
Marine Battle Max Blast Force Max Disc Blaster C.Y.T.R.O. Boulder Smash Elementor Turbo Strength Max
Toys Ver Thumb y1503 Marine Battle Max tcm292-56887 Toys Ver Thumb y1513 Firepower Max tcm292-56890 Toys Ver Thumb y1512 Disc Blaster CYTRO tcm292-56791 Toys Ver Thumb y1519 Boulder Smash Elementor tcm292-56788 Toys Ver Thumb y1520 Turbo Strength Max tcm292-56787


Dune Jet and Figure Tiger Strike Extroyer Armor Claw Max Catapult C.Y.T.R.O. Dual Assault Max
Key 0000 y1536 tcm292-81458 Key 0004 y1533 tcm292-81456 Key 0008 y1529 tcm292-81452 Key 0009 y1528 tcm292-81451 Key 0013 y1527 tcm292-81450
Cyber Suit Max Battle Bow Max Grenade Blaster Max Turbo Blades Max Turbo Battle Suit Max
Toys Ver Thumb y1490 turbo-Chaku Max tcm292-56873 Toys Ver Thumb y1495 Tur-Bow Max tcm292-56879 Toys Ver Thumb y1498 Hidden Hunter Max tcm292-56882 Toys Ver Thumb y1499 Stealth Claws Max tcm292-56883 Toys Ver Thumb y1510 Ultimate Max tcm292-56888
Toxic Talons Toxzon Stealth Attack Max Multi Missile Max Night Wind Elementor
Toys Ver Thumb y1517 Toxic Talons Toxzon tcm292-56789 Toys Ver Thumb y1489 Shadow Max tcm292-56872 Toys Ver Thumb y1518 Armored Strike Max tcm292-56891 Key 0019 y1514 tcm292-81443

Rise of Elementor

6 Inch Line

6 Inch Figures 6 Inch Deluxe Figures Turbo Strength Max Steel Battle Pack Figures Turbo Bike Vehicle
Key 0015 y9510 tcm329-81464 Key 0015 y9516 tcm329-81465 Key 0020 y1411 tcm329-81441 Key 0015 y1408 tcm329-81434 Key 0022 y1406 tcm329-81433
Moto Flight Max
Key 0021 y1410 tcm329-81440


Aerial Invasion

Transforming Turbo Jet Drill Strike Max Steel Power Slam Dredd Roto Blast Ven-Ghan Rip Cannon Ferrus
Key bhf75 tcm429-177879 Key bhf59 tcm429-127648 Key bhf60 tcm429-127649 Key bhf53 tcm429-127645 Key bhf36 tcm429-127641
Rocket Blaster Max Battle Whip Max Stealth Strike Max Mega Blaster Max Tur-Bow Strike Max
Key bhf35 tcm429-127640 Key bhf30 tcm429-127636 Key bhf26 tcm429-129151 Key bhf27 tcm429-127633 Key bhf57 tcm429-127646
Turbo Rocket Max Triple Transform Makino Turbo Morph Max Steel Triple Transform Max Steel Capture Claw Chomp Link
Key bhf72 tcm429-177975 Key cbx51 tcm429-177968 Key cbf41 tcm429-177899 Key bhf76 tcm429-177873 Key bhf66 tcm429-177834
Mega Morph Dredd Rapid Fire C.Y.T.R.O.
Key bhf54 tcm429-177859 Key bhf44 tcm429-177816

Aqua Invasion

Hydro Blast Max Sand Blaster Max Metal Elementor (Action Figure) Bio-Bomb Toxzon Ocean Attack Max
Key bhf70 tcm429-177847 Key bhf52 tcm429-127644 Key bhf58 tcm429-127647 Key bhf50 tcm429-127642 Key bhf32 tcm429-127638
Scuba Blast Max Aqua Spear Max Sub Zero Max Amphibian Assault Max Battle Tank Makino
Key bhf31 tcm429-127637 Key bhf28 tcm429-127634 Key bhf22 tcm429-127630 Key bhf23 tcm429-129150 Key bhf62 tcm429-177959
Blizzard Battle Max Stun Capture Max Toxic Ooze Toxzon Ultimate Elementor Max vs Makino
Key BHF64 tcm429-177938 Key bhf56 tcm429-177822 Key bhf67 tcm429-177853 Key bhf99 tcm429-177920 Key bhf73 tcm429-177905

Land Invasion

Core Assault Dredd Spider Extroyer Ultra Feature Figure Mega Machine Makino Triple Threat Max Dual Strike Max
Max TOYS Thumb Vertical bhf71 tcm429-177866 Key bhf77 tcm429-127651 Key bhf49 tcm429-177912 Key bhf65 tcm429-127650 Key bhf33 tcm429-127639
Steel Assault Max Land Attack Max Laser Cannon Max Rock Climbing Max Max Ultra Tech ATV
Key bhf34 tcm429-129152 Key bhf25 tcm429-127632 Key bhf29 tcm429-127635 Key bhf24 tcm429-127631 Key bhf74 tcm429-177885
Turbo Heat Max Lightning Strike Max Max Turbo Cannon Sonic Speed Max Power Spike Prism Link
Max TOYS Thumb Vertical bhf68 tcm429-177944 Key bhf63 tcm429-177932 Key bhf69 tcm429-177893 Key bhf51 tcm429-127643 Key bhf55 tcm429-177828
Ultra Hunt Ven Ghan Laser Cannon Max vs Battle Tank Makino
Key bhf61 tcm429-177840 Max-steel-munecos-de-accion-20717-MLM20196371003 112014-F

6 Inch Line

Turbo Morph Max Steel Tur-Bow Strike Max Claw Blast Dredd Drill Strike Max Steel Power Slam Dredd
Key bhj07 tcm421-127671 Key bhh17 tcm421-127652 Key bhh20 tcm421-127655 Key bhh33 tcm421-127661 Key bhh32 tcm421-127660
Max Steel Vs Metal Elementor Max Steel Vs Air Elementor Turbo-Board Max Steel Scuba Assault Max Steel Mutant Beast Extroyer
Key bhj04 tcm421-127670 Key ccy90 tcm421-130031 Key bhh31 tcm421-127659 Key bhh23 tcm421-127658 Key bhh22 tcm421-127657
Artic Attack Max Dual Force Ven-Ghan Spitfire Elementor Jet Racer Max Steel Turbo Racer Max Steel
Key bhh21 tcm421-127656 Key bhh19 tcm421-127654 Key bhh18 tcm421-127653 Key bhj00 tcm421-127668 Key bhj01 tcm421-127669



Nova Mech Max Saw Blast Metal Elementor Spike Spin Max Battle Ripped Max Vs Dread Makino Demolition / Mega Strike Makino
Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cjp10 tcm429-209608 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cjh60 tcm429-208191 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cdx47 tcm429-208259 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cmp73 tcm429-208241 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cdx46 tcm429-208247
Rocket Nova Max Speed Blast Jet Exo Strength Max Mutant Morphos Core Heat Morphos
Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cdx45 tcm429-208296 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cnc30 tcm422-208301 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cjp05 tcm431-226930 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cjp06 tcm431-226931 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cjn94 tcm429-209530


Aqua Armor Max Saw Ripper Dread Rocket Spin Max Ultimate Attack Makino Multi Striker Vehicle
Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cjn96 tcm429-209532 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cjn97 tcm429-209544 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cjp01 tcm429-209545 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cjp02 tcm429-209554 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cdx42 tcm429-209599
Extroyer Sharktopus / Ocean Mutant Extroyer Mech Armor Max Strength Strike Max
Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cdx38 tcm429-208196 Key cdx36 tcm429-208189 Key cdx37 tcm429-208250


Hydro Heat Max Sonic Flight Max T-Rextroyer Hydro Flame Elementor / Aqua Blaze Elementor Tank Assault C.Y.T.R.O.
Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cdx39 tcm429-208255 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cjp03 tcm429-209589 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cjp04 tcm429-209598 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cdx43 tcm429-208363 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cdx44 tcm429-208232


Interactive Steel With Turbo Sword Turbo Battlers Arena Turbo Battlers 2-Pack Deluxe Turbo Battlers Turbo Battlers
Key 0010 y1409 tcm329-81435 Key 0012 Y9506 tcm329-81463 Key 0011 y9483 tcm329-81462 Key 0015 y1400 tcm329-81432 Key 0015 y1394 tcm329-81431
Chest Steel Extendable Turbo Sword Laser Blaster Turbo Blaster Max Steel Mask with Sounds
Max TOYS Thumb Vertical steel tcm421-111484 71ywWxExHML. SL1500 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical lblaster tcm421-111482 Pistole Max Steel 1 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical mask tcm421-111483
Max Steel Walkie Talkie Max Steel Motorbike Turbo Talking Steel
Max TOYS Thumb Vertical walkie tcm421-111487 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical bike tcm421-111481 Max TOYS Thumb Vertical cdl76 tcm429-209518