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Action Figures are articulated figures based on the characters and vehicles of Max Steel (Series), firstly released on 2013. When the new series was released, a completely new toy line was released, featuring three new lines. They are more common on Latin America, where Max Steel is a very successfull franchise, than USA and other countries on the world. In terms of appearance, the figures released on USA are less taller and detailed when compared to the Latin America version, while the last are bigger and more detailed, but more expensive. The action figures are all manufactured by Mattel.

In 2016, the figures and sublines suffered some changes. Now, Max is older and he has the same size as the villains, and the sublines aren't divided on three, but only in one, being Connect-Tek line, kept to expand the possibility of swaping the accessories on other characters. The sublines seems to be now based on the new movies.

Most of action figures contain around twelve points of articulation, being those the head, arms, elbows, hands, waist, legs and knees. Some figures rarely get articulation on the feets. However, when it comes to bigger action figures, they doesn't contain lots of points of articulation because of their gimmicks or production cost. In 2017, the articulation in the waist was removed due to production costs.

Types of Action Figures

6 Inch

These were unnoficially introduced in 2013 and sold everywhere in the world, with the exception of Latin America, which 12" action figures. In 2017, Mattel decided to introduce smaller figures in the line. Unlike the ones released in 2013, these are slightly smaller and doesn't contain lots of articulated points. However, some of them do come with accessories.


The standard figures are the cheapest versions available in the toy line. All action figures introduced in the basic line were based on Max Steel, with the exception of La Fiera, introduced on 2016. All figures features twelve points of articulation, which is the standard articulation of Max Steel figures, with the exception of some Turbo Modes, usually the bigger and bulky ones. Additionally, they have their weapons (such as daggers, guns, etc.) molded on their hands and their paint job is minimal.

Basic with Acessories

These figures comes with one accessory (usually being the Turbo Blaster varying in colors and shape) and their boxes are bigger than the basic action figures. Their paint job is slightly better than the basic action figures. So far, all figures were based on Max.

Extreme Figures

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These are slightly more expensive than the basic with accessories and comes in a medium box because of the larger quantity of accessories. Most of the figures are based on Max, but there are some based on the villains, like Extroyer or Dread, who usually come out thinner than other figures of them. Some of these figures also included a DVD, which contained two episodes and extra content, such as bonus clips or trailers.

Deluxe Figures


They are very different than the other action figures, mainly because of their larger box and gimmick, such as light-up features, missile launchers and others. This time, most of the figures are based on the villains with a larger and bulkier build. Max also gets some figures but most of the time based on the largest modes of his arsenal, such as his Turbo Strenght Mode.

Other deluxe figures come in a smaller box bigger than the Extreme figures. They also comes with weapons and gimmicks.

Battle Pack

A double pack that comes with two different characters or in rare occasions, three. The battle packs includes one hero (generally being Max) versus a villain.

Vehicle and Figure

Pack where a figure and vehicle are sold together. The figure is notably cheaper and usually reuses some molds of Speed Storm Max.


This group features the figures that weren't classified on any subline of toys, or are exclusive from some event. They usually are on the same price as the deluxe figures.


Usually, the toy line is divided on three different sublines divided into two waves.

The first wave usually has more figures of Max and contains around twenty toys. The second wave usually introduces new characters that recently debuted in the show (such as Mortum in his techno zombie form) and again contains around twenty toys, which totals more than forty figures.

Usually, the second wave of the figures starts to hit the shelves on June, but in rare occasions they come sooner.


The first three sublines' names were influencied by Max's Turbo Strength Mode, Turbo Speed Mode and Turbo Stealth Mode, respectively.




In 2016, the sublines suffered many changes. The only subline continued from 2015 was the Connect-Tek subline, which was kept to expand the possibilities of switching the accessories between the toys. There was also a device introduced in the show with the same name, possibly in order to promote the toy line. Other toys were also classified in sublines from the 2016 movies, Team Turbo and Team Turbo Fusion Tek. Other toys that didn't appeared in the movies or weren't introduced in the Connect-Tek subline weren't classified in any subline, being listed as "Classic" subline in some sites.


In 2017, there were many changes applied in the toy line, such as the different logo (very similar to the old series of Max Steel) and packages featuring green rather than blue. The sublines are divided in four, being those Turbo Charged, Turbo Warriors, Connect-Tek and Turbo Mission, the last containing characters that aren't appearing in the current events of the series and new armors for Max with different colors rather than green, black and grey, appealing more to the extreme sports. Additionally, Max got a new sculpture for his head and hair.

Characters Introduced In the Toy Line

The following list contains all the characters introduced in the toy line.

Fake releases

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Several fake figures were released by other manufacturers that weren't authorized by Mattel. Consequently, the figures are notably cheaper and poorly made, and they doesn't have the same articulation as the original version. They are usually sold in small shops.

Other characteristics are:

  • Steel isn't a separated part from Max, but he is just painted on. The chest also features a light-up feature that can be activated through a button on Max's belt, like other fake figures from this "line", as well figures of other franchises.
  • The box has the official illustration of the original toy, however, the logo of Mattel doesn't appears.
  • Some action figures have the same sculptures of the first releases of the 6 Inch Line, however, they don't have the same paint application, and comes with generic accessories.
  • Other figures only comes in a pack alongside with four figures. They are smaller than the aforementioned figures, but they have the closest appearence with the original ones. They also feature the light-up feature, and comes in a package labelled "Max Steel Turbo".
  • Some of those figures have some characteristics of the old ones. The box also shows a bad photoshoped image of the original Max Steel with the head of Maxwell McGrath.
  • There are also fake versions of the Turbo Battlers. They have the same sculpture of the original ones, but they are ramdonly painted, and comes in a small box. Some of those also come with the 4-pack that was previously mentioned.

List of Figures

For more information, see Action Figures/ List of Figures.


  • The figures always have a different name from the show (Example: Quick Strike Extroyer (Extroyer)Water Blast Elementor (Water Elementor)). The name of the figure is always influenced by its gimmick.
    • In 2016, most of the figures' names aren't influencied by its gimmick. An example is Base Mode La Fiera (labelled as only La Fiera in the box).
  • Jet Velocidad Explosiva
    In Latin America the figures released are 12 inches unlike the initial action figures containing 6 inches released in North America and other places in the world. Sometimes the manufacturer release special edition figures containing 12 inches worldwide.
  • In Latin America, all Max Steel's figures were smaller than the villains' action figures, since Max was younger than them. In 2016 however, Max gets older and he returns to the same size as his old incarnation.
  • In 2015, some of the vehicles in the Battle-Tek line are unmounted. The style of the package made are similiar to the Titan Hero Series vehicles, manufactured by Hasbro.
  • The prototype versions of the figures of Max Steel had an angry expression on the face, and different sculpture for the hands. The expression on Max's face was changed to a more neutral one, and the hands were kept in some figures.
  • Currently, the toy line has two designers.
  • The toys are always made one year before their release, which explains why some designs are different than their animated counterparts.

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